We are excited to offer training in praise and worship!



Worship training will be offered at Studio3 in Taylorsville for people 12 to 20 years old on Monday nights, February 6 through March 27, from 6:30 - 8:30.

On April 1, we will lead a large gathering of people coming together to praise the Lord at Davis Hall in Taylorsville. There are three places to plug in, praise band, orchestra, and chorus. The orchestra requires note reading. All musicians need to play at an intermediate level. If you need help deciding your skill level, call Kathy at 828-381-0007. We will learn how to read chord charts, play in an ensemble, improvise, take instrumental leads, follow the Spirit, etc. The fee for students is $50.00 for the classes and concert.

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The fee for students is 50.00 for the classes and concert. register Today!