About Us

Who is Studio3?

The Story and Vision of Studio3
from our founder and director, Kathy Estes (From 2018)



What we Teach

Our teaching approach is “classical”. This means that the kids learn to read and write music, standard notation, and music theory. From there, our students can learn all styles of music. They even compose their own and share it with their Studio3 friends.

Our Performance Philosophy

We know that life’s most satisfying experiences come from using one’s passion, skills, and accomplishments for the benefit of others. Our kids are taught to give their music away as a gift to the listeners. We teach performance as an art - part of a music education. Students have opportunities to play for each other in our own auditorium, at festivals, civic groups, competitions and schoolwide concerts. Frequent performances are fun, exciting and a good incentive to practice.

What you can expect from us

Our school operates for nine months a year with breaks for the summer and holidays. We begin the day after Labor Day and end the last week of May. Each teacher spends countless hours honing their craft, preparing music that is a perfect fit for their students and are committed to fully investing in all Studio3 children and events. Along with their regular teaching schedules, they make time to collaborate with other teachers to create mixed ensembles of various instruments, which the students enjoy as well as our audiences.

What we expect from our families

Students will attend all weekly classes on time and practice at home according to the teacher's requirements. Much of your child's success depends on you, the parents. Make sure to get your young musician to class every week, on time. Help them at home and ask them to play for you! A worthy investment of your time will yield a big result! Each year Studio3 presents a Chistmas Program and an End of the Year Concert; ask how you can help during these huge performances. The families of Studio3 encourage each other's children by attending performances, and they help our school grow by telling friends about it, liking us on Facebook, and even fundraising. Studio3 belongs to your family, and we have a high expectation of your commitment. Together, we are truly impacting our community!